Europeans’ miscalculations about Iran caused by dependence on hostile information sources: President Raisi

Ayatollah Ebrahim Raisi warned about the prevalence of extremism in France and support for anti-Islamism at the ceremony of receiving the letter of credence of the new French ambassador Nicolas Roche.

The President also expressed regret for the miscalculations of some European countries regarding Iran’s internal environment, considering it to be the result of the lack of understanding of Iranian nation’s greatness and dependence on hostile information sources.

Ayatollah Raisi advised the new French ambassador to consider conveying the facts of Iran’s society correctly to the ruling body of France as his main duty.

The new French ambassador Nicolas Roche, for his part, expressed hope for the improvement of cooperation between the two countries in this ceremony and stated, “On behalf of the French President, I have a mission to try to resolve the misunderstandings in the relations and develop the cooperation between the two countries”.

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