Expanding Iran-Indonesia ties to benefit Islamic world

Seyed Ebrahim Raeisi,  who is on a two-day visit to Indonesia, made the remarks in the meeting with Speaker of People’s Consultative Assembly of Indonesia Bambang Soesatyo on Tuesday. 
“The progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the fields of science and technology has placed Iran among the countries with advanced sciences such as space and nuclear sciences”, Raeisi said. 
Referring to Iran’s advances in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals, the Iranian president said, “Today, a remote-controlled surgeon robot made by Iranian scientists was unveiled in Indonesia, with the help of which a doctor can operate on a disease in another city.”
Elsewhere in his remarks, president Raeisi stated that the period of unilateralism is over and added, “With these changes, new powers will be formed in the world, which is in the interest of developing countries.”
“Based on this, we believe that the oppressed people of Palestine, Yemen and Myanmar are very close to reaching their rights,” he continued. 
Bambang Soesatyo, for his part, described the relations between the two countries as historical, and considered the development and deepening of the relations between Tehran and Jakarta to the benefit of the Islamic world.
He also expressed concern over the increase in violence against the oppressed people of Palestine and stressed their right to determine their own destiny. 

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