Finally, someone asked for blood against Akbar Khorramdin’s crimes

Finally, someone asked for blood against Akbar Khorramdin's crimes

Retribution was requested for Babak Khorramdin’s father.
According to the daily news, the investigation into the case of this horrific crime continues while the Faramarz family has made their decision about the fate of their son’s killer and wants his retribution. Faramarz’s sister says: “Our decision is the most severe punishment and retribution for the murderers.” We know that Akbar Khorramdin has advanced cancer and has no hope of surviving, and probably due to his illness, he himself wanted the secret to be revealed. Leaving Babak’s body near their house is probably the same reason, otherwise he would have beheaded his victims twice in the past in such a way that it was not possible to identify him, and it is even possible that he will die before being sentenced.

Relatives of the Khorramdin family also deny any religious beliefs on his part, and regarding the images released from the scene of his thanksgiving for the killings, they believe that he performed a play for the public that he does not believe in the slightest.

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