French embassy in Niger under attack, France condemns(+VIDEO)

Thousands of pro-junta protesters gathered outside the embassy after Paris suspended aid over a coup, some trying to enter the building, an AFP journalist saw. 

 France warned it would retaliate if its citizens were attacked, after protesters tried to enter its embassy in the capital, Niamey, media reported.

“France condemns all violence against diplomatic compounds, the security of which is the responsibility of the host state,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
“Nigerien forces have an obligation to ensure the security of our diplomatic and consular premises under the Vienna Conventions,” it said. “We urge them to fulfil this obligation under international law.”
On Sunday protestors shouting slogans against France attacked the French Embassy in Niger’s capital Niamey, with social media footage showing several burning the French flag, pelting the embassy building with stones, and trying to break through the doors and windows before being dispersed by teargas. The protestors decried what they called “France’s interference in Niger’s affairs.”
In a separate statement, France also vowed immediate and decisive retaliation against such attacks.

Some demonstrators ripped off and stamped on a plaque bearing the words “Embassy of France in Niger,” replacing it with Niger and Russian flags, while others shouted “long live Russia,” “long live Putin” and “down with France.”

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