During the meeting, the Foreign Ministry filed Tehran’s strong protest at the persistence of Germany’s unacceptable interference in Iran’s internal affairs. The Foreign Ministry also said the German government adopts such a hypocritical stance on Iran’s legitimate move to counter terrorism and violence at a time when Berlin considers its security amid the recent developments in Germany as a red line.

The German ambassador was also told that it’s highly regrettable that his country engages in selective and duplicitous behavior and supports subversive acts in other countries while it opposes similar moves in Germany.

Elsewhere, the Iranian Foreign Ministry pointed to Berlin’s dark record among Iranians due to its provision of chemical arms for the regime of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein that led to the martyrdom of thousands of innocent Iranians and left many more injured including hundreds of Iranian Kurdish girls. The Foreign Ministry also reminded the German envoy of Berlin’s backing for the US’s illegal sanctions against the Iranian people. The German ambassador was told that his country is in a position to respond to the Iranian people over its actions and cannot preach the Islamic Republic on how to respect human rights.

The German ambassador said he would convey Iran’s protest to his government at the earliest.

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