Ghalibaf stresses need for expanding Iran-Iraq economic ties

The President of Iraq, Abdullah Latif Rashid was received for a meeting by Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Iran’s Parliament speaker in Tehran on Saturday afternoon.
In the meeting, Ghalibaf stressed the need for expanding parliamentary and economic ties between Baghdad and Tehran.
The parliament speaker said while Iran-Iraq parliamentary friendship group has been formed in the Iranian parliament, the Iraqi Parliament has yet to take action to form the parallel group.
He stated that the US is the number one enemy of the two countries that does not want those two neighbors to deepen their bilateral ties.
Abdullah Latif Rashid, for his part, pointed to many similarities between the two nations and said the security of both nations matters a lot to Baghdad.
“It must be pointed out that we have a common fate in terms of security, so we must work to create stability in the region,” the Iraqi president said
Referring to the issue of Iraq’s unpaid bills to Iran, Rashid said  “We consider the payment of debts to Iran as a legal right, and we defend and pursue that.”
At the end of the meeting, the President of Iraq called for the continuation of joint relations between the two countries and expressed his hope for Ghalibaf’s visit to Iraq as soon as possible.

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