Gov. launches building 1.5 new homes: Mokhber

“Given the need that libgered on from the past years, we have no choice but to speed up housing production to balance demand and supply in the market, and if we want an increase in the population, we must think about providing families and young couples with homes,” Mokhber said in a meeting attended by government officials dubbed “Planning for Financing the Implementation of the Annual One Million Homes Production Scheme.”

The first vice president said that the increased housing costs have made it difficult for young couples to build houses for themselves, stressing the government’s support for the people in the housing sector.

Mokhber further referred to the approval of the law on the leap in housing production in parliament to meet the urgent needs in the country and reemphasized the government and the president’s insistence on materializing the scheme to build one million homes for people each year.

He went on to stress that the backing sector should fulfill its obligations to support the leap in the housing sector, while also stressing that other sources of financing have to be considered to finance that mega-project in the country.

The construction of 1.5 million homes in cities, villages, in place of dilapidated houses and for armed forces has started across the country and so far, 50 trillion tomans have been allocated by banks and another 50 trillion tomans have been earmarked by the People. 


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