Habilian SG reacts to US State Department Spox

Reacting to the US State Department Spokesperson who said, “Washington doesn’t see MEK as viable democratic opposition movement that represents Iranian people”, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad told DayliNews.ir’s reporter that the US is very well aware of the Iranian people’s deep hatred for the MEK terrorist group; therefore, it has no choice but to acknowledge this truth and not put itself against Iranians. It goes without saying that such statements and positions are only aimed at hiding the overt and covert support of the US for the MEK.

Habilian SG also added: “The measures taken by the American government in favor of the MEK terrorist group, at least within the past two decades, make it clear that Washington has been officially backing this group. Officially declaring support for the group after the occupation of Iraq in 2003, delisting the group from the terror list in 2012, and allowing the group to establish a font office known as the National Council of Resistance in Washington in 2013, are part of the US government’s official support for this terrorist group”.

He continued, “According to the group’s leader, the US Secretary of State, in the case of the Iraqi government ousting the group, assigned one of his associates to talk with different countries of the world to get their approval to shelter this group. Having spent a great deal of time negotiating with 75 countries, the US finally placed this group in Albania. How can this magnitude of support for a notorious terrorist group be interpreted? While this group was based in Iraq and the issue of its expulsion was to be handled by the Iraqi government and the United Nations, why did the Americans start holding talks with other countries to transfer the MEK? Thus, US official’s claim at the State Department that no contact has been established with this group beyond matters related to the resettlement of the MEK members, is definitely unreal and deceptive.”

Referring to the remarks made by the American journalist Seymour Hersh in 2012, Hashminejad said, “This prominent American journalist unveiled the official support of the US for the MEK terrorist group in the New Yorker Magazine where he cited former US military and intelligence officials that a group of MEK members received military training in the US when George Bush was in office.

Habilian SG added, “Given the group’s huge expenses in the camp which is home to over 2000 terrorists, and the huge sums the group pays its foreign supporters mentioned in international documents, who is funding the MEK? The group has no independence and the US knows very well where the group’s budget comes from just as their source of the budget was known during their residence and activity in Iraq when Saddam was in power.

Hashminejad said in the end that the US government should, instead of taking a hypocritical approach, stop supporting this terrorist group which has, in addition to a few Americans, assassinated thousands of Iranians.


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