Has the CEO of Masjid Suleiman Oil Company betrayed the people of the city? / Minister of Economy in Masjid Suleiman Administrative Council: I heard that Masjid Suleiman Oil and Gas Exploitation Company has returned part of the allocated construction funds last year.

According to daylinews, Seyyed Ehsan Khandozi, Minister of Economy and Finance Affairs, on the morning of Friday 08 May 1402, in the meeting of the administrative council of Masjid Sulaiman city, he stated: All our efforts are to correct the imbalance of economic development that existed in the past governments between the prosperous and the underprivileged and marginal regions. Dim the created.

Stating that we are not witnessing the ideal situation at the moment, he continued: although valuable actions have been taken in the past year in line with tax cases, collection of outstanding claims, payment of pollution duties and added value.

Referring to the payment of pollution fees to Suleiman Mosque in the coming days, Khandozi clarified: these fees for Masjid Suleiman city have increased from 71 billion tomans to 95 billion tomans thanks to the presence of the president, which will be provided to the municipalities as soon as possible. At the same time, it is predicted that the effects of pollution will also increase for Lali and Indica.

The Minister of Economy and Financial Affairs said: Prioritization for the spending of national resources is the art of managers because there are many requests to meet the needs, therefore the priority of a region should be determined by the managers.

Pointing out that regional managers should have the courage and resourcefulness to prioritize the needs of the city, Khandozi said: One of the important things is creating job opportunities, which should be considered as a priority. He continued: I heard that Masjid Suleiman Oil and Gas Exploitation Company has returned part of the allocated construction funds last year. Despite all these needs in Masjid Suleiman, shouldn’t Masjid Suleiman Oil and Gas Exploitation Company and other companies officially play a role in regional development?

He also stressed on the protection of the people’s rights and said: wherever people’s rights are discussed, it is the rights of the people, and tax exemptions for public and private companies have no place in this, and the way these taxes are used should also be in line with the rights of the people. be

At the same time, Khandozi considered the right of the youth to be a necessity and stated: In this regard, the activities of industries that create employment should be supported.

Referring to the importance of Suleiman Mosque in the country’s economy, he said: “You can’t benefit from a region for many years for the country’s economy, but you didn’t put it as a means of development.” There are many needs in this city and many companies that are active in this area should play a role as a certain company in the development of Suleiman Mosque without any concern for the people.

Khandozi also pointed out that if a bank violates the provision of facilities to producers, the manager of that branch will be dealt with seriously and a special team will be appointed by the inspection organization in this regard so that the producers can take a breather.

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