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–Iran’s nine-month export to Turkey up 43%

Iran’s exports to neighboring Turkey increased by 43 percent to reach $2.6 billion in the first nine months of 2022, according to the figures recently released by the Turkish Statistical Institute.
As Tasnim News Agency reported, the trade between Iran and Turkey increased by 26 percent to $4.809 billion, up from $3.799 billion during the same period a year earlier.

— IME weekly trade tops $583m

The Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) announced that over 2.91 million tons of commodities, worth over $583 million, were traded in its domestic trading and export halls in the week closing on October 28.
A total of 2.502 million tons of various products, worth about $371 million, were traded at IME’s domestic and export metal and mineral trading hall.

— Bashqortaran Castle in Hamedan Province: A defensive structure built on a mountain

Bashqortaran Castle is located 1.5km from a village with the same name in Kabudarahang, a city in the western province of Hamedan. To visit the historical castle built on a mountain you have to cross a very narrow road with a steep slope.
Bashqortaran village, the northernmost village of the province, enjoys high potential in the field of tourism. Two other ancient castles named Hadikhan and Fathi Sultan are located in the village. The first and only excavation project, carried out in Bashqortaran Castle in the Iranian year to mid-March 2012, was headed by Esmaeil Rahmani. Speaking in an interview with ISNA, Rahmani said that according to studies conducted on the pottery items found during the excavations, the castle dates back to the Middle Islamic Era, encompassing a period from Seljuk (1037-1194 CE) to Ilkhanid (1256-1335 CE) periods.


— Russia to Host 16th Joint Economic Commission With Iran

The 16th Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission will be hosted by Russia from October 30 to November 1.
Iranian Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji is the head of the Iranian delegation of this joint commission and Alexander Novak, the deputy prime minister of Russia, is also the head of the Iran-Russia joint commission from Russia.

— Iran Foreign Trade Exchanges Grow 10%

Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) has Morteza Emadi said that the country’s trade exchanges in the seven months of this year has exceeded 81 million and 30,000 tons with the value of over $60 billion and 133 million dollars, logging 10 percent rise in value.
Iran exported 61.283 million tons of goods valued at $28.406 billion in the first seven months.

— Iranian Wrestler Wins Gold at Russia’s Dmitriy Korkin

An Iranian freestyle wrestler Mobin Azimi has won a gold medal at the Dmitriy Korkin Cup in Russia’s Yakutsk. Azimi, 92 kg, became the champion of the international competitions by defeating his three rivals and gaining a 7-0 victory in the final.
The Iranian team included five members in 57, 61, 65, 92, and 125-kilogram weight categories. The Dmitriy Korkin international tournament was held in Russia with participation of 150 wrestlers from different world countries on October 28-29.


— Iranian children honored at Nova Zagora art exhibition

Seven Iranian children have been awarded honorary diplomas at the 24th Nova Zagora International Youth Art Exhibition in Bulgaria. Parnia Mohammadi, Nazanin-Zahra Khateri, Elena Omid, Fatima Solgi, Fatemeh Masudi, Zahra Asgari and Paniz Nikbakht are all from different branches of the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults – Kanoon.

A specialized jury chaired by Professor Marin Dobrev selected the winners and the entries to the exhibition. Stara Zagora, Suzana Karanfilova, and Sofia and Maria Petkova were the other members of the panel.

— “Hope” comes back to Iran

For the 15th year in a row, the last survivor of the Siberian crane, called ‘Omid’ (meaning Hope in Persian), came once again to the Fereydunknar International Wetland on Thursday.

Every year, Omid flies thousands of kilometers alone from Siberia and arrives in Iran for the winter in early November and lives in Fereydunkenar Damgah [structures built-in rice paddies for harvesting wild ducks in autumn and winter by farmers] until mid-March. The first time, he was accompanied by two other cranes who were shot, leaving a sole traveler from the western Arctic population.

— On a road trip in Iran, mosques everywhere

Rolling countryside, thousands of domed structures flanked by brick minarets make recurring scenes of mosques straight ahead on a drive through Iran. Architecturally speaking, few places can match the architecture of mosques in the ancient land. It is the mixture of geometric patterns, symmetry and vibrant colors that dazzles the eyes of visitors and locals alike.

Amongst the lesser-known ones is Mir Emad Mosque, known as Masjed-e Meydan by the locals, which stands tall in the ancient city of Kashan, central Iran. The mosque, which is situated adjacent to a traditional bazaar, bears arrays of intricate plasterwork and arabesque decorations that embellish its modest architecture. The date of original construction is not clear, however, the oldest inscription associated with the mosque is a prayer niche bearing the date 1226/623 AH.


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