First word

We thank God that at this time we were able to launch a site with the help of God to insert the news of Iran and the world, so that we may at least be able to pay our respects to the people of this land.

DayliNews website, with the help of God Almighty and hope for the attention of Hazrat Valiasr Arvahana Fada, has entered the field of information with a news approach and focusing on fast and timely information, and this media is committed to its media policy. Knows to move towards the protection of the values ​​and sanctities of the people. This news site bases its media policy on the principle of freedom of information and criticizes all issues in its glass room.

Our intention in launching this site is to help develop and create a spirit of inquiry and demand among the people, as well as to create a critical and, of course, constructive atmosphere of officials and even people who sometimes slow down with the cultural innovations they create. They become the wheels of the country’s progress.

“Khabar-e Rooz” website is an analytical news site and we will try to always have a popular policy. We believe that people should be questioning and build their identity by asking questions, of course, asking questions that are not raw and demanding. Is hot.

People and young people are not only looking for an answer with their question, but also for building a building that, although the shape of the building is not known at first, but if it is accompanied by constant questions, they can build its shape and lay the foundations for progress in this border.

From the very first issue, we aim to be questioning and critical of what is going on around us, and in this regard we will try to be reasoned and less influenced if we criticize or support a theory, school or ideology. Environment and society and dogmas and authorities; Of course, it may be impossible to go beyond this, but we try to critique ourselves and what is going on around us. We will try to avoid raw criticism, and if we criticize, it is based on an external theory or fact so that it can be cited.

“DayliNews” website does not support any ideology, school or profession, and will prove its motto in practice that “we are not in a brotherhood with anyone” and all our efforts are to tell the truth and make people’s pain heard. Let them know that they have come to serve the people and claim to serve.

Maybe in this way and in line with our goals, we will reach many difficulties and obstacles, and maybe they want to take us away from our goal or separate us, but nevertheless, our motto and policy is “criticism and questioning” and this may be the only motto that “DayliNews will always try to stick to it.

Our writings, journalists, should be the dawn of truth and the expression of the pains of those who can not speak and their cries are silent, and to reach the peak of truth and honesty, we must burn so that other truth-tellers rise from our ashes and continue our path. As if it will not happen and expediency is the only way to deviate from this duty and ideal.

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