webinar specialized rehabilitation functional return to sports ankle sprain, with the aim of promoting the knowledge and expertise of coaches and athletes to rehabilitation and prevent ankle injuries by sport injuries, gestures reform the country and supported by the Institute of Physical Education , Will be held on Friday, May 20 (10 to 14).
In this webinar, topics such as: familiarity with strategic assessments and risk tolerance, familiarity with the principles of functional rehabilitation in various types of ankle sprain injuries, as well as familiarity with the steps and criteria for returning to exercise will be presented.
According to the report, participants in the webinar will be awarded a bilingual certificate by the Association of Sports Pathology and Corrective Movements. Also, the webinar is taught by Dr. Hamed Abbasi, a scientific member of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

Interested parties can register and for more information, call: 09371087900.