Holy Qur’an desecrators won’t be safe: IRGC chief

Major General Hossein Salami considered this repeated and systematic insult to the Holy Qur’an as a satanic strategy defined by the anti-Islamic think tanks.
According to the Iranian commander, this strategy occasionally appears under the deceptive claim on freedom of expression and belief by mercenary elements, especially in Europe.
Stating that those aggressive acts lead to greater unity and cohesion among the Islamic community, while they also put someone who commits them as the target of anger, hatred, and revenge.
“We do not allow those who insult the Qur’an to have security. If anyone wants to play with our religion and our Qur’an, we will play with their entire world,” he warned. 
Stressing that the righteous fighters will sooner or later take revenge on the orchestrators of such crimes, the IRGC chief added that the perpetrator of such crimes will also receive the harshest punishment.

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