IME Touch higher records in value, volume of trades

According to a report by the IME’s International Affairs and PR, the exchange traded on its metals and minerals trading floor 1,899,000 tonnes of commodities valued at almost 336 million USD.

Commodities sold on this floor included 1,197,546 tonnes of cement, 284,000 tonnes of iron ore, 277,303 tonnes of steel, 106,500 tonnes of sponge iron, 25,350 tonnes of zinc, 5,975 tonnes of aluminum, 4,110 tonnes of copper, 2,000 tonnes of cast iron, 150 tonnes of molybdenum concentrate, 134 kg of gold bars and 2,118 vehicles.

Furthermore, the IME saw on both domestic and export pits of its oil and petrochemical trading floor 393,337 tonnes of commodities worth more than 219 million USD.

The IME’s customers purchased on this floor 90,443 tonnes of polymeric products, 123,000 tonnes of vacuum bottom, 42,500 tonnes of lube cut, 36,636 tonnes of chemicals, 7,340 tonnes of sulfur, 270 tonnes of argon, 4,668 tonnes of base oil, 200 tonnes of insulation and 86,579 tonnes of bitumen.

Last but not least was the IME’s side market with 22,642 tonnes of commodities traded on it.

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