Inflation rate continuing to decrease in Iran: Raeisi

Speaking in a cabinet session on Sunday, President Ebrahim Raeisi referred to the statistics provided by the Governor of the Central Bank that showed the inflation rate dropped by 12% in June and called for the continuation of the coordinated efforts of all institutions to make sure that the declining inflation rate until the end of the year.
The president also referred to the upcoming parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections in Iran later this year, declaring that his government will make necessary preparations for a fair and transparent election that will ensure a high participation and turnout of the people.
He said that the holding of transparent and fair elections will promote national security and win public trust, and ordered all institutions to assist the Ministry of Interior in holding those elections.
Raeisi also ordered all the relevant bodies, especially the traffic police and the road ministry to make sure that the people will have safe travels across the country during the summer holidays.

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