Mohammad Mokhber who was speaking with the media reporters after arriving in Shiraz Airport said that security is not an issue to be dealt with moderation, as anyone who had done so thus far is repenting.

“We will not deal with the leaves, or the boughs of this tree, but we will cut its branches and roots, and God willing, the response for this crime will be so severe that no one will even dare to think about repeating it,” added the first vice president.

He said that so far, too, this has been the Islamic Republic of Iran’s strategy, as whenever a similar situation has emerged and the country’s security has been played with, the system’s response has been so decisive that for a long time the intriguers had not even thought about repeating them.

Mokhber who is accompanied by the Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi and the Fars Province Governor Mohammad-Hadi Imaniyeh after the press conference at the airport went to the hospital where the terrorist act’s wounded victims are hospitalized and spoke to the doctors and victims.

On Wednesday (Oct 26) a terrorist armed with a machinegun opened fire on the pilgrims and evening prayer worshippers at the Shah Cheraq holy shrine, martyring 15 innocent people, including some women, children and elderly folks, and seriously wounding 26 others.


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