Insulting Quran blatant affront to feelings of all belivers

In a speech during the Friday Prayers sermon in Rafsanjan in southeastern Kerman Province, President Ebrahim Raeisi reacted to insulting the holy Quran in Sweden, saying that desecration of the Quran in Sweden was a blatant affront to the feelings of followers of all religions, Muslims or non-Muslims.
He said that the Muslim youth will not leave such disgraceful actions unanswered.
Raeisi further said that insulting the holy book of Muslims shows the true face of the Western claims on respecting human rights. 
“Look, those who claim to be advocating freedom of speech, how they insult Muslim sanctities with a despotic and arrogant spirit. They lie when they claim that advocate freedom of speech,” the president said.
The desecration of Quarn has drawn broad condemnation in the world.
The angry Iraqi protesters attacked the Swedish embassy in Baghdad yesterday after it was reported that Salwan Momika, who said to be an Iraqi living in Sweden, set fire to a copy of holy Quran outside Stockholm’s central mosque on Wednesday.
Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani sent an official letter to the UN Secretary-General António Guterres in which he said respect for freedom of expression does not justify such a shameful behavior that is a clear violation of the sanctities of more than two billion Muslims.

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