Intel. services of 20 countries played role in Iran riots

Brigadier General Mohammad Kazemi made the remarks in an interview with an Iranian website.
According to Kazemi, the United States, the United Kingdom, Zionist Israeli regime, France, Germany, Canada, Belgium, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Albania, Australia, Iceland, Italy, Kosovo, Norway, Bahrain, New Zealand were among the countries that were involved in the riots. 
The IRGC official said diplomats at the French Embassy in Tehran would collect information about the riots and exchange information with the intelligence officer of the embassy of one of the European countries.
He also pointed to the Israeli regime’s attempt to encourage the US and some other EU states to create a fund to support the rioters financially.
He further said that the CIA tried to create the necessary cyber platforms for the transfer of riots-related news from Iran to overseas.
These attempts included sending technical equipment and “breakout tools” as well as the lifting of the sanctions on devices related to mobile phone communications, he added. 
Other anti-Iran moves included the CIA’s call to form a joint team with Mossad and MI6 to relaunch the project of assassinating Iranian scientists, especially in the nuclear, space and military fields.
According to General Kazemi, the investigation also revealed 28 European countries gathered in the embassy of a European country to discuss the shutdown of Iran’s embassies in Europe with a central role for Germany. 
Since sporadic foreign-backed riots took place in Iran last summer, Western countries led by the United States started to tighten sanctions against Iran’s judicial and other authorities in a bid to continue the riots they had provoked and supported after the sudden death of a young Iranian lady, Mahsa Amini, while in Iran’s police custody. 
The Islamic Republic of Iran sees the Western countries’ accusations of human rights violations as part of intensified pressures aimed at pressuring it to give in to the West’s excessive demands in the nuclear talks.

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