Intelligence minister: Britain to pay price for acts to destabilize Iran

Khatib said that the largest-scale ‘Effective Operation’ in any county, to destabilize that country by rioting, has been launched in a hybrid operation, was the one manifested in the rioting and post-rioting era, by the United States, Britain, the Zionist regime and the Saudis.

“In recent events, the hands of the Zionist regime were most evident; in its propagations the hands of the British and the expenditure of the Saudi regime were most evident; and the entire expenses of the corrupt Berlin show in the field of propaganda, creating the appropriate atmosphere, renting facilities for filming, and the facilities for the presence of the media representatives and feeding the protesters, etc. were paid by the Saudis,” added the intelligence minister.

He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran will never like the British support the terrorist and destabilizing acts against other countries, but have no commitment not to prevent the destabilizing efforts in those countries, either, and therefore, Britain will pay the price for destabilizing a great country, like Iran.

“The (Iran) International TV is recognized as a terrorist organization and its agents will be pursued by Iran intelligence officers, and from now on any relation with that terrorist agency will be regarded as involvement in terrorist activities and moves against Iran’s national security,” he further elaborated.

The full text of Hojjatoleslam Khatibi’s analysis about the recent unrests in Iran will be published in website on Wednesday.


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