Iran adhering to its int’l obligations, acting according to its internal laws: Kanaani

He said, “At a time when some European countries are taking steps on the path of lack of commitment to international obligations and human rights, while failing to honor the norms of international law, they are in no position to call on other governments to respect and implement international regulations and preach to them”.

He added, “Some Western governments have arbitrarily arrested a significant number of Iranian citizens and sentenced them to long-term prisons or returned them to hostile countries based on self-made and illegal sanctions criteria and baseless allegations”.

These governments replace the political and non-legal rulings of their own courts with international law and conventions, and they hypocritically advise others to comply with them, while they do not care about the rights of the imprisoned citizens of other countries, Kanaani stated.

The spokesman noted, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is aware of and adheres to its international obligations and acts in various fields according to its internal laws and regulations and international obligations”.

Kanaani emphasized the independence of the Iranian Judiciary, saying, “We advise this group of European governments to implement at least a part of their professed norms instead of making an artificial and unconventional hype with an aura of entitlement, if they do not adhere to international regulations.”

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