Iran-Africa trade exchange increasing: minister 

Sowlat Mortazavi made the remarks in a meeting with Olivia Rouamba, visiting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Burkina Faso.

The meeting was held aiming at the development of multilateral cooperation between the two countries in technical and industrial fields, engineering services, energy, professional training, infrastructure projects, transformation industries, chemical products, iron and steel, and social support.

Mortazavi said that there are extensive export capacities in Iran’s Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare which makes Iran capable of increasing the exports to Burkina Faso with detailed planning.

He emphasized that due to the formation of expert commissions, holding the final commission of economic cooperation between the two countries could happen, adding that his ministry has many experiences in different fields including social security, insurance support, welfare, and child labor and the opportunity to exchange these experiences is prepared.

Referring to the recent visit of Iran’s president to several African countries, he noted that the level of trade exchanges between Iran and the African continent is increasing.

Olivia Rouamba, for her part, said that the activation of the joint commission for economic cooperation between the two countries will help to facilitate and accelerate the exchange of mutual capacities.

She noted that Iran’s valuable experiences, especially in the fields of skill training, and the issues of children and the elders can help her country.

Rouamba emphasized that the two countries can provide grounds for increasing interactions in the fields of defense industry, transportation, construction, steel, tourism, agriculture, and petrochemicals.

The two sides also decided to hold a joint commission for economic cooperation between the two countries after finalizing a mutual MoU.


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