Iran, Algeria stress on strengthening parliamentary friendship groups

During the meeting, the two officials pointed to the need for developing bilateral relations in the field of economy, calling for strengthening parliamentary friendship groups in order to remove obstacles to the development of relations.

Ghalibaf has also said that Iran has more than $70 billion foreign trade in various sectors despite oppressive US sanctions.

“Despite being under the oppressive US sanctions against Iran, today we have more than 70 billion dollars worth of trade in various sectors, while this volume with Algeria is only 100 million dollars, which is unacceptable,” the Iranian speaker said.

Ghalibaf said that Iranians have a positive viewpoint toward Algeria as it has a history of fighting western colonialism and has experienced a revolution as Iran does.

He told the Algerian counterpart that Iran seeks the unity of the Islamic World against the illegitimate Israeli regime, stressing that the Palestine issue is still the number one priority in the Islamic world.

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