Iran army receives over 200 new drones (+VIDEO)

More than 200 long-range strategic drones designed and produced as a result of cooperation between the Ministry of Defense and the army were delivered to the combat units of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army during ceremonies in several regions across the country.
In the ceremonies, different variants of strategic drones, including Ababil 5 and Ababil 4, Arash, Jet Karrar, Shahrivar 10th, Akhgar, Switchblade, Homa, boat drones and vertical flying drones with different missions of reconnaissance, destruction, combat reconnaissance, anti-radar, interception airborne, were handed over to the army units.
The drones could target moving and stationary targets. These UAVs have witnessed changes in the propulsion system and have been equipped with reconnaissance, control and navigation system and also with air-to-air, air-to-surface missiles, long-range bombs and electronic warfare systems to carry out special missions.

Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran Major General Seyyed Abdulrahim Mousavi said during the ceremony earlier today that “The increase in the army’s drone capability is happening both in terms of number and quality, and we are witnessing a part of it today.”
The development came two days after the army celebrated its anniversary on Tuesday.

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