Iran Army to use its power, expertise to eliminate threats

Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi made the comments at the meeting of the heads of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s missions abroad which was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday. 
“Undoubtedly, in the era of globalization and in the transition period of the international system, which is still in an anarchic state, diplomacy is considered as one of the most important tools for enhancing the power of countries,” he said, adding that “The complexity of the international environment with extensive changes in players, rules and trends has caused governments to make maximum use of the capacity of diplomacy and international interactions to deal with various threats and use the opportunities of the environment.”
Considering Iran as a decisive country in the West Asian region and an important player in the international system, Major General Mousavi said that in order to improve the national power, Iran can take advantage of the opportunities available in the region and the world, and in this direction, the diplomatic system plays an important and central role. 
Stating that diplomacy in bilateral and multilateral fields has a direct and close relationship with national security and international security, the Iranian military official said referred to the common missions of the two departments of diplomacy and defense, and added, ” ‘Diplomacy’ and ‘defense’ and ‘diplomat’ and ‘military’ reach a common and clear goal, and the necessity of cooperation between these two fields becomes more visible.”
“In the past decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the tools of diplomacy and military power, has removed many threats and created a suitable deterrent against the enemies,” Mousavi said, adding that, “Undoubtedly, the continuation of this process, which emerges in the light of the effective interaction of the two spheres of defense and diplomacy, is needed in the future as well.”
Expressing readiness to strengthen and develop the current cooperation between Iran Army and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Major General Mousavi said that the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran will use its high military strength and professional expertise to eliminate threats and increase political, security and military interactions to accompany the diplomats in the field of diplomacy in pursuing the interests of the country.

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