Iran arrests agent of hostile Saudi International TV channel

Since the onset of the riots in Iran in mid-September, Afkari had been involved in activities meant to show a black picture of the Islamic Republic of Iran, inciting the youth and young women to join the riots, and mongering fear among the people.

Her activities in Iran had long been under surveillance by Iran’s intelligence services, who proved that the detainee had repeatedly been cooperating with counter-revolutionary agents and had operated as one of the leaders of the recent riots.

Earlier, Iran’s Intelligence Minister Esmail Khatib said that the (Iran) International TV is recognized as a terrorist organization and its agents will be pursued by Iran intelligence officers, and from now on any relation with that terrorist agency will be regarded as involved in terrorist activities and moves against Iran’s national security.

Funded by Saudi Arabia, the so-called Iran International TV channel was founded in London in 2017 as part of a propaganda campaign against the Iranian government.


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