Iran arrests three agents of terrorist attack in SW country

The enemy, through insecurity, is after its impossible dream of making a Syria out of Iran, Rezaei said at the funeral ceremony of the victims of the November 16 terrorist attack in Izeh, Khuzestan Province.

The enemy has turned to creating insecurity when it failed to achieve its goals by imposing illegal sanctions, he underlined.

He went on to stress that the terrorists will be found wherever they hide and will be punished.

Elsewhere in the ceremony, Governor General of Khuzestan Province Sadeq Khalilian said some agents of the Wednesday terrorist attack have been arrested and are under interrogation.

The forces are to identify other elements and organizers of the attack, Khalilian noted.

Reportedly, two motorbikes opened fire on people and security forces in the center of Izeh on Wednesday, in which seven people, including a child and a woman, were killed and ten more were injured.


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