Iran-Azerbaijan economic ties improved: Azeri deputy PM

Speaking in a phone conversation, Shahin Mostafayev, Azerbaijan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Iran’s Minister of Roads and Urban Development reviewed the joint projects between the two countries and the issues raised in the Iran-Azerbaijan joint commission in Astara.

Regarding the report on the progress of the joint projects, including the Aghband Bridge, the border terminal, and the Khoda Afarin Dam, Bazarpash stated that the necessary orders have been given to related bodies to speed up the projects.

A delegation was appointed to investigate and solve the existing challenges in these projects, he said.

He added that Iran’s customs administration is also stationed at the Astara border to follow up and resolve existing challenges and issues.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Bazarpash emphasized respect for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and the countries of the region.

He also declared his opposition to foreign interference in the countries of the region, noting ” We believe that the problems of the region should be solved by the neighbors and the military presence of foreigners is a threat to the region.”

He said Iran uses its neighborhood policy to resolve tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Bazarpash further emphasized facilitating the movement of Iranian students between the two countries with regard to the beginning of the reopening season for universities.

Mustafayev gave a favorable promise in this regard on his behalf.

Azerbaijan’s Deputy Prime Minister added that Iran-Azerbaijan relations have improved after the bilateral meetings and economic relations have also prospered.

He expressed hope that some political misunderstandings between the two countries would be resolved as soon as possible.

 He also invited Iran’s Minister of Roads and Urban Development to make a trip to Azerbaijan in October and visit the joint projects of the two countries.


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