Iran, Bolivia call for supporting new world order based on multilateralism

In a meeting with Bolivian Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta, Bagheri stressed on developing political relations and international cooperation between the two countries, calling for Bolivia’s participation in creating new world order based on multilateralism.

Bolivian foreign minister, for his part, welcomed the Iranian side’s initiative and said, “The relations between the two countries are brotherly and both countries support each other’s stances on human rights issues and the fight against imperialism”.

In a meeting with Vice President of Bolivia, Bagheri pointed to the two countries’ capacities in order to expand bilateral relations, especially in economic fields and called for supporting the new world order based on multilateralism.

The vice president of Bolivia, for his part, pointed to the economic, scientific, and industrial capacities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, calling for developing economic relations with Iran.

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