Iran Book Week; time to accompany the kindest friend

The event is to celebrate the importance of reading books and learning from them.

As the colorful autumn leaves turn new page for inhabitants of the northern hemisphere, books as the kindest friend will more illuminate long and cold nights of autumn and winter.

It is the right time to celebrate vital achievement of human beings of all time; “book” which is the best media used to share knowledge and experience with others.

The idea of holding book week has been produced from many years ago in different countries and at various times.

Iran has been holding book weeks since 1993 whose 30th version is a new effort to bring back attention to book readers particularly after two years of the covid19 related restrictions.

Iran book and literature house, one of the organizations affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, will hold the 30th book week with the help of other national bodies.

Some special names have been labeled for any single days of the book week.

Saturday is called book, students and future to highlight the importance of reading from very early age.

Book, family and life is a name to call Sunday, and Monday is nominated as book, university students and knowledge-based improvement.

Also, book, reading and librarians is a name picked for Tuesday, while Wednesday is termed as a day for book, media and Persian language.

Publishers, bookshops and the related industries are those to whom the attention will be attracted on Thursday, and finally, Friday as the last day is for book, sport and chivalry.

Bookshops usually play special role in Iran book week as they offer discounts to the book-lovers.

Authors, poets and translators as the creators of the books, will also attend at the publishing houses and bookshops to either meet the readers of their works or sign the books. 


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