Iran condemns murder of African-American teacher

Kanaani said that the images of the violent and cruel murder of Mr. Anderson by the US police and the repetition of the horrifying death of George Floyd which shows the persistence of discriminatory behavior by the country’s police against people of color there once against shocked the world.

He said, “It’s regrettable that the US regime hypocritically meddles in the internal affairs of other countries to achieve its political goals and sheds crocodile tears but it keeps silent on the extreme violence and discriminatory and abhorring treatment of the people of color and crimes against them by the American police”.

Kanaani further condemned the murder of the young African American teacher and underlined the need for the US government to be held accountable for this inhumane crime and for its irresponsibility regarding the repetition of gross and systematic violations of human rights in the country, especially against minorities and people of color.

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