Iran: Conveyed message to US has ‘constructive’ approach

Amirabdollahian was referring to a message Iran recently conveyed to the US through the European Union.

He said that Iran is ready to reach a good, lasting and strong agreement on the revival of the 2015 deal, known as the JCPOA.

The two diplomats, during their phone conversation, discussed other issues as well, including the war in Ukraine.

Amirabdollahian told Borrell that Iran wants an end to the war.

On the recent riots in Iran, the foreign minister said that the harsh stance some European officials took on those riots resulted in violence in Europe too.

That means some hardline European leaders paved the way for threats to security in Europe, under the name of human rights, Amirabdollahian added.

Borrell once again offered his condolences over the death of 13 people in the terrorist attack in Shiraz on October 26.

On the Iranian message conveyed to the US, he said that the EU will continue its constructive efforts until an agreement is reached, expressing optimism over the final result.


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