Iran criticizes human rights champions for silence on shiraz attack

The statement says that an armed terrorist entered the holy shrine of Shah Cheragh and started shooting at pilgrims and worshippers, which left 15 martyred and more than 30 injured people, including a few women and three children among the victims.

One of the child victims is named Artin Seraydaran, who has lost his father, mother and brother in the atrocious attack, the statement mentioned, adding that the terrorist clashed with security forces and was injured; then, he lost his life despite some surgeries at a hospital in Shiraz; although, Iran’s judiciary system continues probing into the terrorist’s affiliations and nationality.

Since, the terror attack is an apparent violation of international rights, the perpetrators and those who have been behind the attack should be brought to justice, the statement said.

The silence of the international community especially those states who claim to be supporters of human rights when it comes to terrorism in Iran shows discrimination in facing the terrorist acts and separating such heinous moves into good and bad ones promotes terrorists to keep on their crimes throughout the world, it warned, adding that the governments and international organizations, who neglect assassination of more than 17k innocent people in Iran and even give them amnesty are considered as promoters of terrorism.

It is worth mentioning that Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres strongly condemned the terrorist attack today on the Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine in Shiraz.


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