Iran, Cuba stress on expansion of cooperation in fields of medicine, medical equipment

During the talks, Amir-Abdollahian pointed to the friendly and historical relations between Iran and Cuba and said the Islamic Republic is determined to promote and expand bilateral cooperation.

He thanked Cuba for cooperating with Iran in producing a joint vaccine in the Islamic Republic.

The top Iranian diplomat expressed satisfaction with the level of cooperation in international issues, reaffirming Iran’s firm support for Cuba and condemning the sanctions against the country and foreign meddling in its affairs.

For his part, the Cuban president praised Iran’s history and culture as well as the country’s progress and scientific and technological achievements despite the sanctions in place against the Islamic Republic.

He expressed willingness for increasing contacts and exchanges between the two countries.

The Cuban president said the developments in the Latin American region provide new opportunities for promoting multilateralism and said Cuba is determined to cooperate with friendly countries and remove the relevant obstacles despite all the sanctions.

“The US government thinks only about its own interests and does not care about others. We have paid a heavy price for our political independence and we will safeguard it,” the president added.

The two sides discussed the expansion of cooperation in the fields of medicine, medical equipment and vaccines.

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