Iran dismisses draft resolution by IAEA Board of Governors

Eslami made the remarks on the sidelines of the Wednesday meeting of the cabinet while addressing reporters in Tehran.

Asked about a draft resolution prepared by the IAEA Board of Governors against the Islamic Republic, he emphasized that adopting the maximum pressure and leveling accusations against the Islamic Republic by the global arrogance and the Zionist regime is part of their nature because they are accustomed to the out-fashioned policy of imposing sanctions.

They prepared a draft resolution and raised some issues that they know themselves are incorrect and the Islamic Republic rules them out, he said, noting that the important issue is that Iran has a declared plan with respect to advancing its nuclear program, so Tehran will keep on the announced activities.

Ruling out speculations on a future visit by the IAEA officials to Iran, he said that there is not any trip by the UN agency on the agenda, but the significant topic is that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pursues the negotiations on lifting anti-Iran sanctions, which are being followed up via different forms.

What is relevant to the AEOI is to answer all allegations and accusations, which we have already done, he said, adding that if the other sides had good faith and were determined to go on with negotiations, they would not have presented such a resolution with these aspects.

We expected that the Islamic Republic’s good faith and documented responses to work and they would let the natural non-politicized professional path of the talks be taken and the Safeguards Agreement be pursued, Eslami concluded.


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