Totally rejecting the desecration of Muslims’ holy book as by no means acceptable, the Iranian embassy in Stockholm said that giving permission to a small group to spread hatred will destroy the opportunity for dialogue.

Sweden is expected to prevent the repetition of anti-Islamic behavior in the country by countering the abuse of freedom of speech, the embassy’s statement reads.

It further remained that holy Quran considers all humankind as one single body that is invited to move towards emancipation.

The desecration of Quarn has drawn broad condeDAYtion in the world. High-ranking Iranian officials including the Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi have strongly condemned the immoral act.

The angry Iraqi protesters attacked the Swedish embassy in Baghdad after it was reported that Salwan Momika, who is said to be an Iraqi living in Sweden, set fire to a copy of the holy Quran outside Stockholm’s central mosque on Wednesday.

Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani sent an official letter to the UN Secretary-General António Guterres in which he said respect for freedom of expression does not justify such a shameful behavior that is a clear violation of the sanctities of more than two billion Muslims.