Iran entitled to take countermeasures against EU sanctions

Nasser Kanani reacted to the new sanctions of the European Union against Iran regarding the baseless claim of military assistance to Russia in the Ukraine war on Friday. 
“As it has been officially announced many times, the claim of exporting Iranian drones to Russia for use against Ukraine is a baseless accusation,” he said. 
Kan’ani considered any attempt to link the war in Ukraine to the bilateral cooperation between Iran and Russia an act with purely political goals.
Pointing to the clear and frequent opposition of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the war in Ukraine, he emphasized the need to speed up an end to it through the diplomatic path.
“Unfortunately, the West, with political motivations and resorting to false and unproven claims, is trying to continue using the ineffective and failed policy of imposing sanctions against the Iranian nation,” he lamented. 
Repeating the unfounded accusations of Iran’s military support for Russia in Ukraine’s war, the European Union Council, on Thursday, banned the export of parts used in the production of drones from the European Union to Iran.

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