Iran envoy stresses backing Palestinians, countering Zionists

The conference was held in the presence of a number of Italian intellectuals and activists defending Palestinian rights in Rome.
Looking at the history of the Zionist regime and its relations with the Palestinians clearly shows the reason for supporting Palestinian rights and confronting the aggressions of the Zionist regime, the Iranian envoy underlined.
The Zionist apartheid regime has committed numerous crimes against the oppressed Palestinian nation during its seven decades of disgraceful existence and has violated all international resolutions and global consensus policies by continuing the occupation and development of settlements, Sabouri added.
Saying that the Israeli regime’s racist policies are not limited to the mentioned cases, Sabouri slammed the recent attacks of the Zionists on the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Stressing the need for commemorating International Quds Day, the Italian and Palestinian activists who were present in the meeting, for their part, emphasized that Iran’s support for the rights of the oppressed nations, especially the Palestinians, has been very important and decisive in the last few decades.

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