Iran FM: Foes devise multi-faceted scheme to make Iran insecure

Amirabdollahian strongly condemned the deadly terrorist attack in the Shah Cheragh shrine in Shiraz in the southwest Iranian province of Fars last night.

After offering condolences to the families of the victims and wishing a speedy recovery for the injured, Amirabdollahian wrote on his Instagram account on Thursday that this crime made the malicious purposes of provokers of terror and violence in Iran completely clear.

There is concrete information that the enemies have designed a multi-faceted project to make Iran insecure. Undoubtedly, we will not allow Iran’s national security and interests to be threatened by terrorists and foreign interventionists who claim to be human rights advocates, he added.

A terrorist attack happened on the Shah Cheragh shrine in the southwestern city of Shiraz on Wednesday evening which led to the martyrdom of 15 and 27 others were wounded.


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