Iran gov. spox censures US for human rights double standards

Ali Bahadori Jahromi made the remarks at a seminar in Tehran dubbed “Disclosure of American Human Rights” on Sunday. 
According to Bahadori the US is a forerunner in lying, adding that depicting right and wrong upside-down is what the US does.
“And this issue can be seen well in both theory and practice”, he added. 
Stating that sanctions are incompatible with the human rights claimes by the Americans and Westerners, he said, “They talk about human rights, but they support sanctions.”
“They easily ignore the right of peaceful science and research, the rights of individuals, nations and even countries, and deprive them of their legal rights under the name of sanctions,” he further pointed out. 
Bahadori considered the displacement of 6 million Syrian people due to American policies, the killing of 220,000 Japanese people in the atomic bombardmenets and the creation of ISIL as clear examples of the US violation of human rights. 
The Iranian official also stated that the United States plots an average of one war per year in the world.

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