Iran grown too powerful due to its decades-long resistance

Major General Hossein Salami made the remarks in the 11th edition of the ceremony to add new systems and equipment to the IRGC Navy, which was held with the participation of a group of government officials and military commanders on Saturday. 
The IRGC commander said, after facing many dangers and threats over the past 45 years since [the Islamic Revolution in 1979], the Islamic Republic of Iran has learned how to get strong.
“We have learned to develop and boost the power of Islam through enmities, hardships, pressures and wars,” he noted, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran has learned that it needs to become strong in the face of dangers and threats. 
“Today, we have grown by knowing and fighting with the enemy. With decades of standing on the battlefield to face threats and dangers, we have discovered a way to become powerful. In fact, the enemy has been the factor behind our growth,” Major General Salami also said.
The IRGC chief went on to say, “The political and military arrangement of the enemy and their getting closer to us in the region made our talents flourish and taught us to draw a comprehensive plan of progress and become stronger at a level that we are superior to the enemy.”
“The enemy wants us to stop, but today our power has exceeded the enemy’s ability to control and confront [us.]” he further asserted.

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