Iran has 20 commerce attachés, 45 trade centers around world

Mehdi Zeyghami made the remarks in the first gathering of “Iranian Trade Centers Abroad” in Tehran on Monday. 

Stating that Iran is no longer merely focusing on oil exports and crude sales, he added that Iran had 53 billion dollars of non-oil exports last year. 

Referring to the decrease of two billion dollars in Iran’s trade in the first three months of 1402 (beginning on March 21, 2023), he added that it was generally related to the petrochemical sector.

“However, exports in the industry, mining and agriculture sectors have been increasing or stable,” he noted. 

According to Zeyghami, Iran has operating active trade centers around the world, while noting that quality matters more to the country than quantity. 

He further added that 20 Iranian commerce attachés are currently active around the world, expressing certainity that that figure will increase to 40. 


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