Iran home to more than 5mn refugees despite sanctions: min.

Ahmad Vahidi made the remarks in the ceremony of World Refugee Day on Wednesday. 
The Iranian minister added that Iran deserves recognition for its efforts in upholding human rights in this regard.
According to Vahidi, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been ready to provide refuge to the oppressed who have been exposed to pressure and injustice.
Vahidi stated that over the past 44 years, Iran has been a shelter for Iraqi immigrants, both Arab and Kurdish, during the period of Ba’athist Regime at the western borders, as well as Afghan refugees at the eastern borders.
He further said that today, Iran has refugees from dozens of countries, the majority of whome come from Afghanistan.
“While our nation’s arms are open to the oppressed, unfortunately, the arms of some Western countries are open to terrorists,” he lamented, adding that the same countries are claimants of human rights. 
Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian minister said that Syrian refugees were also created as a result of supporting terrorists.
Vahidi called for the United Nations’ support for Iran in the issue of refugees, urging it to help Iran on the costs of refugees it bears. 

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