Iran important neighbor for Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s Special Envoy Elchin Amirbayov, advisor to the country’s vice president, made the remarks during in an interview with israeli regime’s “i24 News” on Tuesday where he also stressed the importance of diplomacy with Iran amid improving relations with the Israeli regime. 
“For us, it is important that Iran, which is an important neighbor in terms of size and history, remains a good neighbor,” he said.
Some 20 to 30 million Iranians are of Azeri origins, Amirbayov noted, making decent relations between Baku and Tehran of utmost importance despite differing approaches.
“The most important thing is to remain calm, to provide stability in the region,” he said.
Last  Wednesday, the Iranian Parliament members condemned the opening of Azerbaijan’s embassy in the Occupied Palestinian territories.
Stressing that this action will come with many negative political consequences, the Iranian parliament members emphasized that from now on, the Muslims of the world will consider the Azeri statesmen accomplices of the Zionist regime in the murder and crime against the oppressed Palestinians.
Meanwhile, earlier this week, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson Nasser Kan’ani stressed that Iran attaches importance to its relations with Azerbaijan as a neighboring country in the region, and called on Azeri side to focus on common interests and not to allow any abuse by the illwishers who seek division among  Muslim nations.
Meanwhile, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Ayhan Hajizadeh said the Azerbaijani side positively assesses talks with Iran and believes it important to continue the consultations.

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