Iran-Indonesia annual trade hits $1bn

“In the past year, the joint trade between Iran and Indonesia reached about one billion dollars, of which about $846 million was the share of Iran’s exports to Indonesia and about $118 million was the share of imports from that country,” Ruhollah Latifi said. 

Stating that 95% of Iran’s total exports to Indonesia pertain to steel and iron products, Latifi added that “Products such as saffron, spices, raisins, dates, refined petroleum products and bitumen are other products that have been exported to Indonesia.”

Referring to the goods that Iran imported from Indonesia, Latifi explained: “Ornamental fish, coconuts, coffee, palm oil, vaccines, industrial alcohols, rubber, coal, paper and cardboard, cotton and spare parts for cars and motorcycles and printers are the main goods that have been imported from Indonesia during the period.”

Considering the development of the relations between the two countries and also tomorrow’s visit of the Iranian President to Indonesia, Latifi explained that “it is expected that a significant development will be recorded in the relations between the two sides.”


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