Iran intel. forces arrest key ISIL member after recent attack

In the statement, the Iranian intelligence ministry said on Friday that numerous terrorist attempts had been foiled by the intelligence and security forces before last year’s Shah Cheragh terrorist attack, which was claimed by the ISIL terror organization.
“In the series of operations related to last year’s incident, 26 Takfiri elements were arrested, all of whom were non-Iranians or nationals of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan,” it read.
The ministry further said that between the first to the second terrorist attacks in the holy shrine, 196 Takfiri terrorists were killed or arrested.
The statement further read that the main perpetrator behind the recent Shah Cheragh attack was a Tajik national like 2022 attack on the same holy site in Shiraz.
“To enter Iran, he passed through Tajikistan, Turkey and Pakistan, then he was trained in Badakhshan province in Afghanistan and entered the country illegally from the eastern borders,” the ministry’s statement further read.
It continued to note that both last year’s and this year’s attacks timing of the was worthy of attention as they happened at the time of the foreign-backed riots.. “Last year, it took place at the same time as the enemy-backed riots in autumn, and this year, just before the anniversary of those events.”
“In relation to the recent criminal attack, a number of elements have been identified and arrested, including the key element supporting the recent terrorist operation, who was based in Iran and directly linked to the ISIL plotters in Syria and Afghanistan,” it further read.
The intelligence ministry further blamed the United States for creating ISIL, while also lambasting Western states for remaining silent and failing to condemn the recent Shah Cheragh attack and their double standards in dealing with terrorism.

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