Iran intelligence forces dismantle network planning riots

According to a joint statement issued on Wednesday, a number of members of the network were identified and dealt a blow by the Intelligence Ministry and the IRGC Intelligence Unit.
“The members of the group operated with financial support from the US State Department and under guidance from the US-based Freedom House and The Nonviolent Initiative for Democracy Inc.  and directed by “one of foreign-based political elements,” the statement said.
“These people were networking women and planning riots through giving training to elements inside and outside Iran by holding free online courses for civil and women activists,” added the statement.
The network held its last workshop at SOAS University of London in July, the statement said, adding that the workshop was held “by a reporter of a hostile media outlet” for foreign-based women activists.
According to the statement, the network planned an “online confidential meeting” on the 7th and 14th of this September for a group of civil and women activists. 
These workshops and meetings were aimed “at making preparations and offering guidelines to rioters inside Iran to revive an environment of tension and riot,” the statement concluded.

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