Iran, Iraq stress need for cooperation to establish security at borders

At the meeting, General Ashtiani said, “Iran and Iraq should attempt to strengthen unity between the two countries because unity and solidarity among the two nations are the strong point that the enemies of Iran and Iraq are trying to destroy and weaken them. So, it is necessary for both sides to be careful and vigilant about these conspiracies”.

“Iran’s approach toward Iraq-related issues is based on supporting the unity and integrity of Iraq, helping to consolidate stability and security, and the country’s prosperity,” he added.

Hailing Iran-Iraq’s growing relations in various fields, General Ashtiani emphasized, “The numerous meetings of high-ranking political, economic and military officials, the volume of trade exchanges, cooperation in the field of energy, as well as the decision of the two countries to hold a joint economic commission in the coming days in Baghdad, and especially the recent visit of Iranian foreign minister to Iraq show the strength of relationships”.

Referring to the presence of terrorist groups in the territory of Iraq, General Ashtiani also called for enhancing the military, intelligence, and security coordination between the two countries.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian minister referred to the assassination of the anti-terror commanders Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis and said that the case is seriously being pursued.

He also announced Iran’s readiness to transfer its experiences to the Iraqi side in the field of self-sufficiency in the defense industry.

The Iraqi Defense Minister, for his part, appreciated Iran for assisting Iraq in combating terrorism and terrorist groups.

He also called for developing Iran-Iraq cooperation to solve regional challenges and crises.

The two sides also discussed holding joint commissions and border security issues, stressing the need for cooperation between Iran and Iraq to establish security at borders.

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