Iran lauds Pakistan on designating Day of Honoring Qur’an

“The decision of the esteemed government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to introduce and celebrate July 7, 2023, as the Day of Honoring the Holy Qur’an is a worthy, befitting, and pertinent initiative,” the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Islamabad said in a statement on Friday.
The statement underlined that desecrating the Qur’an, the holy book of the largest religious community in the world, or insulting any sacred symbol of divine religions, is a deplorable, ignorant, and biased act aimed at inciting public opinion and promoting misuse of freedom of expression.
“It is crucial to acknowledge that desecrating the Holy Quran represents an affront to the holy books of all divine religions,” the embassy said.
“We firmly believe such biased actions seek to incite public opinion, generate instability, create violence, and spread hatred. Undoubtedly, this biased way of inciting public opinion through insulting the holy symbols, which are meant to destabilize the Muslim world and create human legal cases, should be countered and neutralized.” 
The Iranian Embassy also called on all of the faithful people and free thinkers worldwide to join in a unified effort to denounce the desecration.
“Islamophobia, the insulting of sacred elements and symbols of the divine religions, and the desecration of holy books should be halted through political synergy, legal procedures, and appropriate didactic instructions as these actions provide fertile ground for the spreading of hatred and violence, ideological clashes, destabilization and the anguish of countless religious individuals worldwide,” the statement said.
“To rectify this situation, it is imperative to employ coordinated and unifying measures such as clarification, explanation, education, legal procedures, and dialogue. These constructive approaches will pave the way for correcting the current state of affairs,” it added.
RHM/Press TV

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