Iran minister of information meets ECAP chief in Seoul

Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana said that Iran possesses a key position in ESCAP, adding that the country’s special geographic location makes it important in communication projects connecting west and east of Asia.

She also hailed Iran’s development in the space technology, and welcomed the promotion of cooperation between ESCAP and Tehran.

The Iranian minister, for his part, announced his country’s readiness to use its indigenous and technological capabilities to increase cooperation with ESCAP and its member states.

Zarepour is in South Korea to attend the two-day ESCAP digital ministerial conference that opened on November 9.

The “First Asia-Pacific Digital Ministerial Conference 2022: Shaping Our Common Future” takes place in South Korea’s capital Seoul and is organized by that country’s Ministry of Science and ICT.

According to the ESCAP website, the conference serves as a prime opportunity to discuss the status, challenges and pathways to advance digital transformation and strengthen regional digital cooperation with the ICT and digital ministers of the Asia-Pacific region towards building an inclusive digital society and economy.


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