Iran’s parliamentarian, Seyyed Alborz Hosseini said that making such remarks on the territorial integrity of the neighboring states is not good for the diplomatic position of the Azerbaijan Republic’s President.

The legislator termed the remarks as “unreal”, adding that the region needs peace more than ever.

Iran’s parliamentarian, Mohammad Reza Mirtajeddini referred to the baseless comments of the Azerbaijan Republic’s President, saying that how much this president is unaware of history.

Ahmadi Bigash stated that as an Iranian parliamentarian member, “I warn the President of Azerbaijan Republic to leave wrong and pipe dreams and do not rely on the imaginary backing of Western allies and Zionist Regime.”

“A grandson can’t deny [the actions of] his grandfather; so, the remarks of the Azerbaijan Republic’s President have no basis,” said Iran’s First Deputy Parliament Speaker Ali Nikzad in Iran’s Majlis (Parliament) when a lawmaker criticized the recent remarks made by the President of Azerbaijan Republic.


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